Terms of Service
  1. Thank you for choosing the Royal Car Wash; it is our pleasure to serve you!
  2. Club Pass members may use the car wash as often as they want to.
  3. Club Pass members may use their membership at any Royal Car Wash location.
  4. Club Pass members can cancel their membership at any time with written or verbal notice, or by completing the “Update Membership” link on the Royal Car Wash website. Cancellations should be made at least 10 days prior to the end of the billing cycle.
  5. Due to the unlimited nature of the Club Pass, prorating and refunds are not allowed once a new billing cycle has been charged.
  6. Each Unlimited Club Fast Pass is valid only for one registered vehicle.
  7. Any driver may operate the vehicle using the Club Pass, however no other vehicle may use the Club Pass other than the one vehicle originally assigned to it.
  8. The Royal Car wash reserves the right to cancel any Club Pass and impose penalties should video surveillance or staff witness any unauthorized vehicle using the Club Pass. Penalty fees will range from the cost of the unauthorized wash ($6.00 – $12.95) plus a $4.00 fee per unauthorized entrance. Criminal charges may apply (NYSPL Section 155.25).
  9. Lost or stolen Fast Passes must be notified to the Royal Car Wash within 48 hours in order to have fees waived pending a video surveillance investigation.
  10. The Fast Pass sticker must remain affixed to the vehicle windshield at all times.
  11. The Royal Car wash reserves the right to close the car wash during severe or inclement weather conditions. (Usually when temperatures reach below 15 degrees or during heavy rain and or snow)
  12. The Club Pass may be transferred at any time to another vehicle at no cost upon written or verbal notification.
  13. Club Pass is not available for fleet vehicles, limousines, or any vehicle unable to fit within the confines of the Royal Car Wash minimum clearances.
  14. Upon signing up for the Club Pass members agree that it’s account will automatically be renewed and re-charged at the end of each monthly or yearly account billing cycle.
  15. The Royal Car wash reserves the right to cancel your Club Pass if any of the terms or conditions are violated.
  16. The Royal Car Wash reserves the right to modify the monthly and yearly Club Pass fees.
  17. The Royal Car Wash may cancel any membership at its own discretion with written notice.
  18. Upon signing up for the Club Pass, you agree to provide the Royal Car Wash with correct information regarding vehicle and payment information.
  19. Upon signing up for the Club Pass each member agrees to release liability from the Royal Car Wash based on the damage warning informational sign posted outside the car wash tunnel detailing items that the car wash will not be responsible should damage occur.
  20. You may contact the Royal Car Wash via phone (585) 271-1111, fax: (585-271-1149, mailing address: The Royal Car Wash, 2740 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY 14618, or electronic email: service@theroyalwash.com.